About Mio Marino

About Mio Marino


A company with humble beginnings, Mio Marino started out a 5 years ago with a collection of innovative ratchet belts
to help ease the effort and time of dressing up. Ever since then, it has grown itself to the company
that it is right now:redefining adventure, style, class—one product at a time.


Our products range from leather belts, gloves, socks, shoes, and bow ties—the clothing accessories that make you look sophisticated and presentable when aiming to be hired, get the job promotion, or close a deal with a prospect client. Each product goes through a rigorous design, production, and marketing process. We deal with quality seriously and we make sure we only acquire the best materials and hardware to ensure you that undebatable durability of the product that will last with you for a long time.

Our accessories are symbols of aspiration, motivation, and success. We do not only sell clothing accessories that can level up your garment, we sell accessories that will be your lifelong partner in your journey of climbing the career ladder and making your dreams into a reality, one by one.

Most of all, we sell class.


Our Mio Marino customer is a young urban professional who knows what he wants, has set his eyes towards that goal, and will do anything to achieve it. He is a well-accomplished individual who works hard and will not stop trying even if it means failing most of his way there.

A creative soul with an independent mind, he enjoys the thrill of spontaneous traveling and adventures. He loves meeting new people, immersing himself to new cultures, precious heritage, and ancient traditions in pursuit of making the most of his youth. He does so while picking up influences he can incorporate with his own style.

With a distinct eye for style and exemplary taste for fashion, our Mio Marino customer likes to ride on trends to challenge his own self while preserving the essence of his own identity. Right off the bat, he recognizes who he is, what he wants, and what he needs. The pieces that he wear will bring him closer to become the man that he is meant to be.


The Mio Marino customer always succeeds in making a great and lasting impression. How he deals with business is no different with how he accepts your handshake: firm and reassuring. When it comes to his and passion, he only wants to invest his time, money, and effort on opportunities that he knows will benefit him in the long run.

In the same way, our Mio Marino customer wants to invest in pieces that are of high quality, stylish, and unquestionable durability. Pieces that will make him stand out, pieces that will sharpen out his wardrobe, and pieces that will perfectly encapsulate his own sense of individuality.


It is known that throwing in a simple but remarkable accessory can significantly improve the look of your outfit, and Mio Marino definitely has the perfect collection of accessories that can enhance your fashion and contribute to a more cohesive wardrobe.

There is no need to replace every garment in your closet. A few pair of dress shoes, leather belts, leather belts, and bowties from Mio Marino can instantly transform your clothes from something casual, to something you can wear to a business presentations, client meetings, and black-tie events.


These are not just accessories, these are key pieces that can help represent your own personal style

Pieces of self-expression that they can afford

Stylish pieces that are definitely work-appropriate

Timeless pieces that will never go out of trend

    And ultimately, key pieces that will make them feel good about themselves and command respect from people around them


    We believe in a person that works hard in order to make his dreams a reality. We also believe that while doing that, they should be in their best clothing. As the old saying goes, “Great shoes take you to great places,” and that is exactly what we can give you. 

    Our accessories are more than just small trinkets, they are the final puzzle piece to complete the image of yourself—the image you want everybody to see you as. The perfect accessory will elevate your outfit and give you that power boost of confidence that makes you ready to take on the world.


    Behind the Mio Marino brand are people who are dedicated on bringing out only the best products for all of its customers. Every product goes through a tedious conceptualization, prototyping, and production process only to make sure there are no flaws when it is released to the market—only perfection. 

    We work with people from all over the world as far as India and China to get a hold of better production facility and materials that will result to the best quality of products.


    Mio Marino understands the everyday struggle of its customer. To empathize, we speak through the lens of your world shown through:

    Eye-catching headlines for style guides

    Fashion tips through social media or blog posts

    Picking the models of the right demographic to represent the customer


      Mio Marino invests its resources on studying and forecasting the upcoming trends. It is shown through: 

      The flow of the color story and the production development

      Rich and textured imagery to represent the brand’s aesthetic

      Relatable content channeled through consistent social media posting, teasers, blogs, and video content


      The Mio Marino man knows his value and potential. He is confident with the way he dresses because he knows he looks great, can instantly command respect from the people around him, and leave a lasting impression.

      Mio Marino is for people who are passionate about dressing for success.

      Mio Marino is for the man who has class.