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You're not the only one to fail at achieving and/or keeping your New Year's Resolutions - we've all done it. What's important here is being able to reflect back on exactly " Why?" you failed.
It's safe to say - you need confidence, more than ever, if you're trying to succeed in today's working world!
Even by its definition, being dapper is more than just looking the part - it's living the part. To quote our good friend JC Donaldson, founder of the men's fashion brand Being Dapper: "Being dapper is a lifestyle."
It doesn't matter if it's a job interview or you're meeting the S/O's parents for the first time, a great first impression is key to any successful relationship!
The Problem: Everyone already knows what you're going to wear for an event. Maybe you have 1 outfit you wear for all your special occasions or maybe you have 1 outfit per type of occasion. Either way - your outfits have become predictable, boring, and probably dated.