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Every dapper gentleman should know how to tie at least one tie, but if you can learn three - you'll be prepared for anything! So, get ready to dig down and practice, practice, practice...
It's a common question that we're asked all too often and we're here to set the record the straight! There are four things you can do to help improve the longevity of not just your belt but all of your leather goods, and if you're not doing them - you're probably wasting a ton of money on buying replacements.
Valentine's Day is just one day away and it's obvious that love is in the air! With up to 10% of proposals happening in February, making it the second most popular month to propose...
You're not the only one to fail at achieving and/or keeping your New Year's Resolutions - we've all done it. What's important here is being able to reflect back on exactly " Why?" you failed.
It's safe to say - you need confidence, more than ever, if you're trying to succeed in today's working world!
Even by its definition, being dapper is more than just looking the part - it's living the part. To quote our good friend JC Donaldson, founder of the men's fashion brand Being Dapper: "Being dapper is a lifestyle."
Polishing your shoes is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - join Mio Marino for some quick advice on how to polish your shoes in under 5 minutes.
The Problem: Everyone already knows what you're going to wear for an event. Maybe you have 1 outfit you wear for all your special occasions or maybe you have 1 outfit per type of occasion. Either way - your outfits have become predictable, boring, and probably dated.