Learn How To Tie A Tie - 5 Different Ways!
Learn How To Tie A Tie - 5 Different Ways!

From easy to challenging - it's finally time
for you to learn how to tie your own tie!

Every dapper gentleman should know how to tie at least one tie, but if you can learn three - you'll be prepared for anything! So, get ready to dig down and practice, practice, practice, because our team has scoured the internet in search of five of the best instructional videos for learning how to tie a variety of knots!

Below is a list of knots we'll cover (listed in order of difficulty, easiest at the top):

  • Oriental Knot
  • Half Windsor Knot
  • Full Windsor Knot
  • Balthus Knot
  • Trinity Knot

Oriental Knot

Offering an active and stylish look that's perfect for the wedding dance floor or a casual day at the office, we're starting our list with one of the easiest knots to learn - are you ready?! Provided by the team at Ties.com, this video provides simple instructions and will have you one step closer to looking your best in less than 3 minutes!

Half Windsor Knot

One of the most common and most popular "go-to" knots - the Half Windsor Knot provides a smaller knot and is an ideal choice for every day & every occasion. Provided by the team at Reefknots.com, jump into this quick video to learn how to tie one of world's most classic and respectable knots!

Full Windsor Knot

Considered a "step-up in class" when compared to the half, the Full Windsor Knot requires a little more finesse while offering a full knot that is sure to catch the eye of anyone looking in your direction. With over 60 MILLION(!!) views - the below video has been set up in a way to make learning this elegant knot a breeze!

Balthus Knot

At about the same difficulty level as the Full-Windsor, the Balthus Knot offers a unique twist without making it over-complicated. When you're ready to give this knot a try, just click the video below and  join the team at RealMenRealStyle.com for an easy tutorial that'll have you on your way in minutes!

Trinity Knot

To start, you want to use a tie with stripes or some other form of line pattern. Obviously any tie will work, but other patterns won't create the right aesthetic when worn, and trust us - this uncommonly used knot is so stylish, it will help raise the bar on style for everyone else around you! Now, with a little practice, join the team at MyNiceTie.com and get ready to raise the bar on style, my dapper friend!

Did you try any of the knots above?

Or have any knots of your own that you'd like to share? Join us in the comments below or on any of the three major social channels - we'd love to hear from you!