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What Does He Want For Valentine's Day?

What Does He Want For Valentine's Day?

Not sure what to get him for Valentine's Day?

We do! With the countdown to Valentine's Day already underway, we suggest you jump into the article below for a few ideas, because honestly - time is ticking! ((Find out how you could score all these items for FREE at the bottom of the article!))

1: Godiva's Gold Gift Box - 19-pieces of Chocolate!

Did you know that the average person eats eleven pounds of chocolate per year?! That sounds like a challenge! Put a smile on his face and let the chocoholic in him indulge this year with the Godiva Gold Gift Box! Offering 19 pieces of decadent white and dark chocolates ranging from macadamia chucks and rich ganache to flowing butterscotch caramel and dark mint chocolate - he'll be lucky if he gets a box without a piece missing!

Not only are the choices tasty, some are even good for you! Dark chocolate has been proven to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, it helps stimulate your endorphins, and it even contains traces of serotonin, which act as an anti-depressant.

Delivered in a golden box and wrapped in a charming bow... 

... you'd never realize the chocolate temptation waiting within!

With seven different color schemes to pick from and over 79-inches of designer fabric to keep him bundled up and protected from the elements - our designer stripe scarves are knitted using a super soft and comfortable, thick patterned acrylic knit design.

Our men's striped scarves offer over 6-ft(!!) of warm fabric to cover yourself with!

Not just with this scarf, we offer an array of rich color schemes to choose from!

Made with 100% acrylic fibers, our scarves offer a silky smooth feel while keeping you remarkably warm and cozy!

It doesn't matter if he has a chilly drive to work or he's elbow deep in snow trying to shovel the driveway - he deserves a functional pair of designer gloves that will keep his hands warm and moving when needed! 

Cruelty-free and animal friendly, our designer gloves are made using soft, yet durable, nappa leather. 

Keep the wind at bay and his hands warm with our crafted fleece liner and designer button cuffs! 

Enjoy ease-of-use thanks to our non-slip palm design, perfect for driving or texting - but NEVER both at the same time!!

Say "goodbye" to course hair and smelly beards, and "good riddance" to overly dry/oily faces - Talisman is here to help your man unlock his inner confidence and look/smell his best!

Using natural ingredients like red raspberry, broccoli seed, and macadamia - Talisman's Man Oil is a non-greasy, versatile oil that will leave his mustache/beard, face, and hair, looking and feeling amazing! So, make the right choice this Valentine's Day, help him look his best and give him a genuine boost of confidence with Man Oil!

For His Beard/Moustache: put a little bit in your hands and then apply as you'd like in the morning. No need to wash out.  

For His Face: it's best to apply facial oils to slightly damp skin so they are easily absorbed. Give it a try after your nightly face wash!  

For Hair: on the weekends, try putting oil in your hair while making breakfast and relaxing, and then wash it out right before you need to go anywhere! Oils have incredible powers to strengthen hair, make it shiny, and moisturize the scalp. Leave in for 30 minutes.

5: All Of The Above, In One Gift Box - For FREE!!

That's right, you can win all of the above and have it delivered directly to your door - for FREE! Just click the link at the bottom of this article and enter today for your chance to win! 

*The Man Oil is not pictured because it arrived late due to weather - but we PROMISE that it is included!!

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