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How To Create A "To Do List" For Daily Achievements

How To Create A "To Do List" For Daily Achievements

Accomplish more with your day
by making a daily "To Do List" 

From helping organizing your thoughts to creating an extra sense of pride & accomplishment - creating a list to help tackle your daily agenda can have a ton of positive benefits for your self-esteem and overall productivity. Join me today as we tackle the best way to create your list in 4 easy steps.

  • Organize your goals - breaking them down by year, month, and day
  • Keep your tasks simple
  • List structure
  • Aesthetics & list placement

Step 1 - Organize Your Goals

Probably the most challenging step to make your way through - it's recommended that when you're first creating your list that you break it down by year, month, and day. While this can take time and patience, doing so will help you organize your goals and create the structure needed to reach them. Plus, the feeling of marking off a month/year long goal is pretty amazing!

Example: If I have a year long goal of being able to do 100 push-ups in one setting, I can break that down into being able to do 10 push-ups a day for the first month, 20 a day for the second month, and so on. Now I have broken my yearly goal down into obtainable steps that I can climb throughout the year as I reach my main goal.

Step 2: Keep Your Tasks Simple

Some people have a habit of over-complicating their list and adding a bunch of unneeded info - making even daily tasks seem long and tedious. Simple and direct is the best method to take with Step 2.

Which these examples below are easier to navigate:

"I have a potluck on Friday, so I need to make sure I go to the store off of Franklin and Ross to buy hamburger meat, tortilla shells, cheddar cheese, and soda."

"Grocery list for potluck: hamburger meat, tortilla shells, cheddar cheese, and soda."

Step 3: List Structure

When creating a list, a lot of people will put the most important tasks at the top of their list, but when you're trying to create flow and structure for your list - think about how your day actually flows. When will you actually have time to accomplish your tasks and how long will they take to accomplish? Grocery shopping might be a top priority for the day but if you don't have the time to accomplish it right in the morning, put it further down the list.

Step 4: Aesthetics & List Placement

If you've already mastered Step 3: Keep Your Tasks Simple and Step 4: List Structure, than you're already a step in the right direction with the aesthetics portion! While one side of the goal with Step 4 is to make your list inviting to interact with, the other side is to place it in an area where you'll often be forced to interact with it. Great examples are on a wall in your house or an app on your phone/computer.


Do you have any extra tips or advice of your own? Comments? Questions?

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