How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post
How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post

Leather sneakers are perfect for any weather however in the spring is when we have the most purpose for them. These leather sneakers look good with just about everything, however some gentlemen feel that they do not fit the level of formality that they want, such as a suit. Well, I am here to tell you, you can wear a leather sneakers with a suit, and other formalities. 

 That being mentioned in this blog we’ll be going over 4 ways to rock leather sneakers this spring! All these looks will be featuring some brown leather sneakers from my good friends over at Mio Marino, go check them out! 

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1. Suited (Dapper)

Yes, you can pull off sneakers with a suit, if you do it right. There are conditions to wearing a suit with sneakers, such as: making sure the pants are the suit are nicely tapered, you have less than a half break on the pant hem, and the suit is of a relatively modern cut. This is a perfect look for you gents that like to dress dapper but want to have a bit more flare and not look so much like everyone else . If you have ever came across a GQ magazine they pull these looks off so well.

How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post

Business Casual

If you work in an office setting this is a great look for you. Sneakers can give a look a different aesthetic to a very basic outfit. Wear these with a nice lightweight v neck (crewneck) sweater shirt and some khakis, or even a nice dress shirt tie and jeans. You can really go a lot of ways with leather sneakers. These sneakers also gives you a more relaxed look especially for a work space that doesn’t necessarily need you to wear dress shoes. 

How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post


Kick it casual, this is where leather sneakers usually are worn the most, but there is a difference between other sneakers and leather sneakers. Its like having a normal bomber as opposed to a leather bomber, it looks better and gives it a different aesthetic. Not only that but great leather sneakers are going to last you quite some time.

How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post

How To Rock Leather Sneakers - Guest Post

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